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Working within the garden and landscape industries since 2005, Oasisgrass® specialise in the supply and installation of artificial grass on the Gold Coast, Australia. We also stock and supply artificial grass Australia wide.

At Oasisgrass®, we're passionate about providing all of our clients a hassle free, time saving way of beautifying your garden or outdoor space. Why waste your precious time mowing, watering, seeding, fertilising, scarifying and playing around in the dirt for many months of year. We did! And we're now converted as the product we provide is so life like, you have to see it to believe it. With unbeatable manufacturer's warranties on all of our products, you'll have peace of mind and a more relaxing lifestyle with your new lawn from Oasisgrass®.


Some of the benefits of a new artificial lawn from Oasisgrass® include:

No Mowing - Throw your mower away today! Once your new lawn is laid, you'll be free from regular mowing sessions. Your mower is now a boat anchor.

No Watering - Save on water costs and have a green lawn all year round without the hassle.

No Mud or Dirt - Bald patches? re-seeding? Mud & dirt? They're all a thing of the past with your new artificial lawn from Oasisgrass®.

No more bald patches - No re-seeding, no fertilising and no more laying new grass every year or two.

Save on maintenance costs - Why pay for a regular lawn cutting maintenance team when you don't need to?

More time to relax - Why waste your weekends maintaining your lawn when you could be enjoying your new artifical lawn from Oasisgrass® instead!


Free synthetic grass installation advice for all of our valued customers!

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