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Beat the drought and enjoy a lush new lawn with quality artificial grass.

Artificial grass has come a long way over the past few years. Once reserved for children’s football pitches and market stalls, the gaudy plastic mats were a far from natural and struck fear into the hearts of any self-respecting gardener. But the artificial grass of today is so realistic that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t created by Mother Nature herself, which is just one of the reasons why so many homeowners are choosing it over traditional grass lawns. In fact, the benefits are so far-reaching that once you try it, you’ll wonder what took you so long to make the change.

Here we look at just a few of the reasons why artificial grass is the first choice for so many people.

It’s a great aesthetic

Nobody wants a patchy, uneven lawn full of bone dry yellow grass, but that’s the reality for most of us. Maintaining a lush green garden can be a full-time job at the best of times, but when it’s blazing hot outside it’s near impossible to keep your lawn looking presentable without drenching it in water and fertilizer. The beauty of good artificial grass is that it looks lush and healthy all year round – and you’ll hardly need to lift a finger to keep it that way.

It saves water

The water situation in Australia is dire. The entire Southern Hemisphere has been getting drier year on year and the water supply is rapidly diminishing. With serious talk of water rationing, there’s a real possibility that using a hose to water the lawn simply won’t be an option soon. Artificial grass completely eliminates the need to water your lawn – which will lead to a pleasing reduction in your water bills too.

….and time

Mowing the grass and pulling up weeds is one of the major downsides of having a natural grass lawn, taking up around two whole months of the average adult’s already busy life. Moving to an artificial lawn means you’ve got more time to spend enjoying your garden– so fire up the barbie, crack open something cold and put your feet up.

…and money!

It’s no lie that buying an artificial lawn is going to require some upfront expenditure, but over time you’ll actually save money. Not only will you be able to cut down on water and electricity bills, there’s no more outlay on lawnmowers and their maintenance. A great looking artificial lawn is a real investment that can add significant value to your home and attract buyers too, which is great news if you’re thinking about selling up in the future.

It can help clear the conscience

We’ve already mentioned the water situation, but it goes much deeper than simply keeping patches of grass hydrated. With a third of the world’s population unable to access clean and safe drinking water, wasting it is a big no-no. Experts even predict that future generations will consider real lawns to be an example of “modern decadence” and another example of how Generation X ruined the planet, so this is a great way to embrace a new way of thinking.

But isn’t it bad for the environment?

A lot of people worry about what artificial grass means for the environment – for starters, the very term “artificial” conjures up images of toxic chemicals and harmful dyes. The great news is it’s actually a lot better for the planet than you might think. First, there’s no need to use pesticides and weed killers to keep an artificial lawn looking its best. And because you won’t have to mow it, you’re also helping to reduce the petrol, electricity and greenhouse gases associated used with lawnmowers.

Of course, not all artificial grass is made equal. If you want a really impressive looking lawn that will stand the test of time and promise exceptional quality, you need to go with a reputable company. At Oasisgrass Gold Coast we only use quality fibres with high UV protection to avoid fading. We’re environmentally responsible; always looking for the most sustainable ways to produce our artificial grass, whilst helping to save millions of litres of water in the process. We’ve made it our business to provide our customers with the very best artificial grass products on the market today, combined with great service and value for money. To find out more, get in touch today.

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Synthetic grass saves you time and money.

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